In my senior year of high school, I was approached by a student run nonprofit whose mission was to increase awareness of the importance of water conservation and environmental sustainability. They pitched me an app idea that, at the time, seemed extremely ambitious and unrealistic. They wanted an app that would essentially gamify water conservation and get people to limit their water usage. Despite my worries, I got to work and learned all that was required to create the app (firebase, location services, image processing and chart creation) and eventually sold the app to the nonprofit.

As requested by the nonprofit, the app tracks shower lengths and allows the user to get a detailed summary of their shower water usage over some time period. They can see whether they’re on a decreasing or increasing trend of water, approximately how much their showers have cost them, and even how their showers compare to others in their community and globally.

  • firebase
  • google cloud
  • glide
  • MP android chart